I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

If you only read one more book you should make it this one.
Jenna moves to a remote village to help rebuild her life after a tragic accident. The first part of the novel switches between Jenna in her new life and the police force who are trying to solve the case.
I had been told by a few people that I needed to let them know when I reached 47%. This only made me more curious to which way the book would go. All I can say is that when I did reach it I was dumbstruck. I sometimes work out twists early on but this one I didn’t see coming.
From then on it was impossible to put down. The book carried on the same way, telling Jenna’s story alongside the police. But alongside this was another tale. These chapters were among the most disturbing and sinister that I have ever read. I am quite grateful that the chapters are fairly short.
A superb, exhausting, impossible to put down novel by an author I will be definitely looking out for in the future.

Thanks to the author and the publisher for the cop via NetGalley.

A Recent Review

If you like crime fiction and don’t mind something that is a little different, then Normal by Graeme Cameron is for you.

Narrated by the killer, who is just your everyday normal guy, you don’t know what he’s called or where he lives but you know that he is a murderer and kidnapper. And it seems that he is impossible to dislike. You read how he stalks people, kills them, disposes of them but all the way through it is written in a humorous way. If not exactly falling about laughing you will definitely be smiling as you read.

I ‘liked’ the narrator, if you can like a killer, but Erica is just brilliant. I just had no idea what she was going to do next.

I will definitely be reading more by the author who is like a breath of fresh air.


Thanks very much to the publisher and the author for the copy via NetGalley