A Patient Fury by Sarah Ward – Blog Tour Review.

A Patient Fury PB

About the Book

Three bodies discovered.

A family obliterated.

All evidence seems to point to one murderer: the mother.

DC Connie Childs, determined to discover the truth about the fire-wrecked property on Cross Farm Lane, realises that a fourth body – one they cannot find – must hold the key to the mystery. But what Connie fails to realise is that her determination to unmask the murderer might cost her more than her health – this time she could lose the thing she cares about most: her career.

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. A Patient Fury is the third book in the series but only the first that I have read. It is also the first book that I have read that takes place in Derbyshire, an area I now want to visit. I do prefer to read a series in order but there are no plot spoilers and I plan to read the previous books soon.
Even having no knowledge of any of the characters I could tell immediately that Connie wasn’t one to back down and obey orders if she felt there was something to look closer at. She makes a lot of trouble for herself in doing so but is determined to carry on. Even if it did place her in danger. She looks for answers in the present but also looks closely at events from years earlier.
Some of the chapters reveal what happened then but most of the narrative concerns Connie and Julia who is a close relative of the victims.
Unusually for me I enjoyed both of their accounts equally. Connie was an interesting lead character whose career and private life were complicated. I wanted to know more about her and what made her the way she was. I understand dedication to a job but she seemed to be prepared to sacrifice it all for a personal opinion. Julia, coping with a sudden bereavement and memories from when she was young also had financial worries and a feeling of being watched. I liked her story and I also found both her career choices fascinating. I would love to do one of them, the other I am a bit more wary of.
The other police officers are represented well, Sadler especially is one I warmed to, and I wanted to shout at him for not realising what was happening with a certain individual sooner. For a police officer he seemed a little naive!
The ending was unexpected and sent the hairs up on the back of my neck. One of those where the reader is left gazing into space.
A brilliant read, I plan on catching up in time for book 4.

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