Blood Ribbon by Roger Bray – Blog Tour Review.


Blood Ribbon Cover

About the Book

When Brooke Adams is found battered, bleeding, and barely conscious, the police are at a loss as to who her attacker is or why she was targeted. Then, PI Rod Morgan turns up convinced that Brooke’s attack is the latest in a string of unsolved disappearances dating back thirty-five years. The police, however, aren’t convinced, leaving Brooke and Rod to investigate the cases themselves. As secrets from the past start unravelling it becomes a maze, deeper, darker, and far more sinister than either of them could have imagined. Will they find Brooke’s attacker before he strikes again, or will that one secret stay buried forever?

My Review

With thanks to the author for the copy received. When Brooke survives a brutal attack she isn’t prepared to let it ruin her life. Instead alongside her close friend Liv and a private investigator she tries to find out whether the assault on her is linked to prior murders. She isn’t prepared though, for the heartache that her investigation  causes.
There is more than one narrator in the novel, the most common one is Brooke but there is also narrative from Liv, Rod, the killer and his friends. You know fairly early on who it he is but not his whereabouts in modern-day.
At times it felt a little like YA. this is mainly due to the age of the characters, and the uncertainty they had over feelings and career options. I did like Brooke, I liked how determined she was to put her childhood behind her and not let it have any negativity on her new life. Nico was a good friend to her and helped her in more ways than one. Looking after her seemed to give him some focus in his lonely life.
One of the strongest parts of the novel concerned the killer and his relationship with his mother. I hope that there aren’t families like his but there probably are. I did guess correctly which way the novel would go early but I still enjoyed reading it. I didn’t get everything.

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