Dead Man’s Badge by Robert E. Dunn – Blog Tour Review.

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About the Book

Career criminal Longview Moody, on the run from killers, assumes his dead, twin brother’s identity as the new Chief of Police of a Texas town that’s being terrorized by a Mexican drug cartel. To pull off the deadly deception, Longview desperately works to become the kind of cop and man that his brother was. But when the two lives he’s living converge, he’s forced to embrace the violence within him to get justice…and vengeance.

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. At the beginning of this novel Longview isn’t having the best day, which is hardly surprising when he is digging his own grave at gunpoint. But he manages to escape and goes to meet his brother at his trailer. Things don’t go to plan and Longview ends up assuming his brother’s identity as chief of police in a town on the Mexican border. He makes plenty of enemies immediately but there are also a handful of people who he feels he can trust. These are also people who he can’t fool.
The book is full of violence and corruption and mistrust. Hardly anybody is who they say they are, including obviously Longview. He has to work out who can be trusted the most,and with his most likeable colleagues tries to make things better.
My thoughts changed throughout, I’m not that familiar with the different American agency and Government departments, or the politics between America and Mexico but what I did discover is that the family who ruled the town were capable of anything. This is demonstrated in the latter part of the novel when the reader realises exactly what type of people they are.
I had to admire Longview, the easiest option would have been to walk away but he was determined to be a better person whilst getting revenge for his own reasons. And even though he didn’t fool many, there were people willing to help. My favourite character by a long way was Hector, he was probably the only one who could show how his true feelings. I also liked the married couple who dealt with council matters, they added some welcome humour and compassion amongst the violence.

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