The Dream Wife by Louisa de Lange – Blog Tour Review.



About The Book

Annie is the dream wife.
Mother to two-year-old Johnny and wife to David, she is everything her husband expects her to be – supportive, respectful and mild – but what he expects isn’t who she truly is.
But Annie is a prisoner in her home.
Her finances, her routine, her social life are all controlled by him. It’s the love for her boy that she lives for, and at night she dreams of a world where she is free.
So Annie decides to fight back.

And you won’t believe how she is going to do it . . .

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. The Dream Wife is a difficult book to review. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because it took a turn that was totally unexpected and left me lost for words. And it’s difficult to review it without spoilers.
There is no doubt that Annie is suffering at the hands of her husband David who doesn’t allow her any freedom, give her any respect and is abusive mentally and physically. His mother is little better, her husband who died before the reader is introduced to the family is the only one who has any decency. Her relationship with her son was completely different and she stood up to both of them every time they tried to change the way she was with him.
As the novel progressed so did the abuse and at times I was cringing as I read. At the same time the dreams started and with that part of the novel I got increasingly confused.
Strangely, because the parts of the novel that involved dreams were unusual I preferred the parts that I felt were reality. I understood that her dreams were where she went to cope but then I struggled to separate them from reality. I think I got it right but everybody will probably read it differently.
There is no doubt that it is very clever and I would definitely read it again to see of I have the same thoughts.