One White Lie by Leah Konen – Blog Tour Review.

About The Book


2020’S MOST GRIPPING PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER with twists you’ll never see coming, perfect for fans of Samantha Downing, Rachel Caine and Shari Lapena’s The Couple Next Door

Imagine you’ve finally escaped the worst relationship of your life.

Imagine your new next-door neighbours are the friends you so desperately needed.

Imagine they’re in trouble. That someone is threatening their livelihoods – and even their lives.

Imagine your ex is coming for you.

If you just needed to tell one small lie to make all these problems disappear, you’d do it . . . wouldn’t you?

It’s only one small lie, until someone turns up dead . . .

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. I had a feeling from reading the synopsis that the friendship between Lucy, Vera and John would be an unhealthy one. But I wasn’t prepared for how unhealthy or how unlikeable the characters were. I did really try to like Lucy, but found that the only part of her I did like was her care of her dog, Dusty.

Woodstock was one of those areas that you find everywhere. The type of community where newcomers will never fit in. At first I thought this was why Lucy was warned to keep away from Vera and John but these thoughts diminished when I got to know more about them. Lucy does  build tentative friendships with Maggie, Al and Rachel but it is her increasingly obsessional relationship with Vera and John which made me cringe. I was practically screaming at her to keep her distance but she was hooked on their way of life and their charm. You just knew that it would all go wrong.

 I don’t think I have ever read a book where so many characters are so obsessed with the others. And I couldn’t work out what the appeal was. It was the type of novel where you are so fascinated by the relationship dynamic you are unprepared for how wrong their plan goes. I really did not see it coming, and I had no idea who was responsible.

It’s clever and slightly creepy. Especially when you read about Lucy’s relationship with Davis, his character sent the hairs up on the back of my neck. And the way his treatment had her check everything around her.

I always admire an author who can create unlikeable characters but who fascinates at the same time. I would definitely read more by her.