Once You Go This Far by Kristen Lepionka – Review.

About The Book

After the death of her cop father, PI Roxane Weary did everything she could to lose herself in her work – but she’s getting tired of the hangovers, of fighting with her ex-girlfriend, and of avoiding her mother. When she’s asked to investigate a suspicious death, she delves into the case with her usual stubborn determination.

Pulling her far from home, and into an insular and controlling evangelical community, the case might just be bigger than Roxane can handle alone. But is it too late, or too dangerous, to call on the people she needs?

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. It seems to be a habit now that I arrive at a series late. But I’m starting to find it quite refreshing, picking up a book in an established series that many say is excellent. And I’m happy to say that on the strength of this book I will endeavour to read the earlier ones.

When Roxane nearly loses her car door to a dog walker, Rebecca, she is shocked to hear that very soon after their meeting her she is found dead after apparently falling on her walk. She is then hired by the Rebecca’s daughter to investigate. But she is unprepared for what she discovers in her past, the close knit religious community and the difficulty she has in getting answers from the family who have hired her. And she is definitely not expecting her own life and those close to her to be at danger from her digging. 

Well what a brilliant introduction this book is to another series I need to catch up on. Very little is revealed about the previous books, just a little of Roxane’s  personal life and that of her friends. She reminds me of Kinsey Milhone and Stephanie Plum, other P. I. books I have read in the past. She is brave, stubborn and doesn’t always make life easy for herself. She was a character I liked a lot and I have a feeling that when I’ve read the earlier books and got to know more about her friends and family I will like many more. Despite what they face they manage to keep their sense of humour whilst acknowledging that they do struggle, don’t always react the best way and consequently regret their actions. On the whole everybody felt real.

I found the case itself is a chilling one, there is something about a cult that I find very intimidating. Probably the controlling atmosphere but also the brainwashing that convinces so many that there is nothing wrong with what they do. There were times I felt on very on edge, thinking about the mayhem that could be caused by their actions.

I’m looking forward to reading the earlier books and for what may come next.