Pimp by Ken Bruen and Jason Starr


DEALING… PRODUCING…ALL IN A DAY’S WORK FOR A DRUGLORD. OR IN HOLLYWOOD. Ruined and on the lam, former drug kingpin Max Fisher stumbles upon the biggest discovery of his crooked life: a designer drug called PIMP that could put him back on top. Meanwhile, a certain femme fatale from his past is pursuing a comeback dream of her own, setting herself up in Hollywood as producer of a series based on her and Max’s life story. But even in La-La Land, happy endings are hard to come by, especially with both the cops and your enemies in the drug trade coming after you…

My Review:

Pimp is a very violent and at times extremely funny swipe at the entertainment industry that many people are fascinated by.
Max Fisher is living under a new identity right across from the police station and making a fortune with the drug PIMP. Some of the funniest moments of the novel involved Max, especially the delusions that he had about his looks. Most of the other characters who featured were trying to get his story on TV.
All of the characters were unlikeable, it’s a long time since I read a novel where so many people were self obsessed. Stand out scenes involved Paula with her attitude towards most of the people that she dealt with.
It was a slightly different novel for me, but it was very entertaining book to read. It is violent, and some of the more violent scenes were unexpected. I had the feeling throughout the book that the celebrities who were mentioned in the book would have loved it. Even if they were ridiculed to some degree. I had never heard of either author and need to have a close look at their other novels.

With thanks to Titan Books for the copy received.