Little Boy Lost by J. P. Carter – Blog Tour Review.

About The Book

One early October afternoon, ten-year-old Jacob Rossi begins the short walk home from school. But he never makes it.
Days later, DCI Anna Tate is called to the scene of a burning building, where an awful discovery has been made. A body has been found, and the label in his school blazer reads: J. Rossi.
As Anna starts digging, she soon learns that a lot of people had grudges against the boy’s father. But would any of them go so far as to take his son?

And is the boy’s abductor closer than she thinks?

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. I hadn’t read the previous books in this series but I had no problem getting to know the characters, especially Anna and her daughter Chloe. I appreciated the back story regarding their relationship although some may regard it as a spoiler. 

There are two different stories in the novel, Anna trying to solve the murder of a young boy who had been abducted and riots that are taking part across London which place Chloe in danger. It was the riots that I had more interest in. I found them intense and often terrifying with the mindless behaviour shown by some. In some cases it was just an excuse to cause mayhem. I don’t live in a city that has experienced them, yet, but I found the account very convincing and often worrying. It made me wonder how and what I would do if there was a riot on my street. 

I could see the frustration the officers from all ranks felt at the lack of officers, lack of support and lack of respect. There was also evidence of the police officers who made the situation worse by their actions. I could also see the frustration felt by the perpetrators, caught up in need to prove their point. And, very convincingly, there was the inept attitude by the politicians who had little idea how to improve the situation.

Despite being a novel about crime I felt this was more about feelings rather than the usual police procedural. Not a bad thing, I enjoyed seeing a different approach, the emotional view rather than just crime solving and science.