Perfect Match by D. B Thorne – Blog Tour Review.

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About the Book

When Solomon’s sister is found drugged and in a coma after an online date, Solomon can’t believe this was just a terrible accident. Determined to find out what happened to his sister, and with the police unwilling to help, Solomon begins to investigate on his own. He soon uncovers a rash of similar cases of women who have been found brutally murdered or assaulted after an online date. There is a predator out there working the streets of London, preying on young women. Solomon sets out to bring him to justice, putting him on a collision course with a deadly killer who is fiendishly clever and more twisted than anyone could possibly imagine…

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received.
When Solomon’s sister ends up in hospital after a night out he is understandably annoyed and upset that the police are not interested in investigating it. He rightly, thinks that it’s because his sister doesn’t matter because of her family. He, along with a group of friends decide to investigate themselves and they pick up links that others may miss. His friends are all ‘geeks’ who compile questions for quiz shows. Solomon is a recluse, he has never met any of them and all contact is via the web with no cameras switched on.
I have never met anybody like Solomon before. He struggles to cope with the way he looks, doesn’t always come across as the nicest person but he is devoted to his family who have never had it easy. Out of all of them he has made the best of his life. He definitely manages to get on the wrong side of the officer he has contact with, Fox. But she has under estimated him and he soon manages to outwit and manipulate her.
Fox is an officer who would be easy to get on the wrong side of. I disliked her intensely at first but when I read more and met her superior officer I did have some empathy. Just. What the author has demonstrated very well is how stretched the police are, and how some cases are disregarded because of another that is classed more important. He has also shown a side that I hope doesn’t exist, that those of a higher rank disregard the lower ranked officers.
I thought that this novel would be similar to many others that are on the market but found it to be original. Full of surprises, I was wrong footed most of the time.It’s clever, with the storyline and the intellect. It made me look online for clarification often. It’s slightly Fargoesque at times with its random violence and offbeat humour. I will be interested in seeing what the author does next. Recommended.

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