Fingers in the Sparkle Jar- Chris Packham- Book Event.



Last night we went to see Chris Packham talk to Patrick Barkham at The Lowry Theatre in Salford. The auditorium was full and at first he looked a little nervous but he soon settled when he started talking about his lifelong passion for wildlife
It was fascinating to listen to. Among other things we discovered that tadpoles aren’t that tasty(!), how he took a young kestrel from a nest so he could train it and about the bullying he endured from adults and people his own age. All because he had different interests. He touched briefly on Aspergers and depression but his main focus was talking about his love of conservation.
When they allowed questions from the audience at the end of the evening a couple stood out. One about the situation in Malta where thousands of birds are shot every year just for the thrill. The other from a young birder who asked about the best way to preserve wildlife for the future. His answers to both questions suggested that this generation is failing and future generations will have to do so much more.
I would have loved to have our copy signed but the queue went all the way around the building but it was a very interesting evening and I’m looking forward to reading Fingers in the Sparkle Jar very soon.