Happy Dog Days At The Pug Cafe by Anushka Fernando and Bertie The Pug – Blog Tour Review.

About The Book

Bertie the pug had an unlucky start in life.

Diagnosed with hemivertebrae and unable to walk, his owner decided to open up a dog-friendly cafe where he could meet friends and have fun.

The Pug Cafe quickly became a very special place for all dog owners to meet and have a drink.

But when the cafe faced closure, it was brave Bertie the pug and his friends who came to the rescue.

Inspired by true events, Happy Days at the Pug Cafe tells the heartwarming story of one little pug and his beloved cafe.

Help yourself to a Puguccino, put up your paws and get your nose into the heartwarming tale of Bertie and friends.

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. I have a confession to make. I am a cat person, not a dog person, I have never owned a dog. But I still enjoyed this book which was a welcome breath of fresh air after a long bout of crime fiction and an even longer bout of depressing news. 

When Anushka fulfils her life long dream of owning a pug she has little idea how many friends that it would bring into her lonely world.  What starts as a series of meet-ups in a park soon escalates into the pug cafe and she is unprepared for how successful it would be, the positivity and a little bit of negativity that it brought.  Cleverly told by both her and Bertie the pug every step of her journey is shown. What friendships are formed, heartache and suspicion and pitfalls along the way. 

I have to say that I did prefer to read Anushka’s narrative, even though Bertie’s is very sweet. This is probably for no other reason than not understanding dogs. I could visualise clearly though the hatred of rain and the love of treats. And of course sharing his bed with his humans.

Since reading this book I have visited the various media pages of the pug cafe and it is evident how popular and loved  it is. I’m sure this book will be adored by many dog owners.