Mirror Lake by Juneau Black – Blog Tour Review.

About The Book


Welcome, dear reader! You have happened upon the delightful village of Shady Hollow, a place where rabbits and raptors, squirrels and snakes live together in civilised accord . . . with only the occasional murder to mar the peace of daily life.

Keen journalist Vera Vixen is recovering from the Harvest Festival (and its bounty of local cheeses, cider and pies) when the calm is shattered by a scream from one of the small town’s grandest houses. Dorothy Springfield, a rat with a reputation for eccentricity, claims her husband – who is standing right next to her – has been murdered. Has Dorothy finally lost her grip on reality? Or is the rat who claims to be Edward an imposter? Vera’s fox nose scents a story. And it’s not long before the discovery of a body, minus the head, complicates things further . . .

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. Mirror Lake is the third book in the Shady Hollow series and is my favourite one so far. Vera is still dedicated to her job as a journalist and also loves to get stuck into a little detective work if the opportunity arises. Many of the characters are recurring and most of them I like a lot especially Vera, Orville and Lefty. 

This novel differs slightly because Vera has a new unwanted ‘assistant’, a famous but very infuriating author who was very deluded about his deducting skills and his attraction to the ladies.

It is never a huge surprise who the culprit is but it is a lot of fun reading about Vera and Orville and their efforts at solving the case, fuelled by coffee and cakes from Joe. All that’s missing from this lovely little series are some recipes.

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