Love Lies Bleeding by Rebecca Bradley – Review.

About The Book

A murdered woman brings Detective Hannah Robbins into the world of women who love lifers.

Audrey King, a teacher of young children, did nothing but fall for Wendell Hayes. A man serving life for slaughtering his family. She’s found dead in her home with the murderous signature of the very man she visited, but there’s no way he could have killed Audrey from inside prison.

Hayes, the son who took a hammer to his parents, his pregnant sister and her husband, horrifies detective Hannah Robbins. The threats he made against her when she arrested him for those murders still haunt her. Yet she must confront him if she is to get to the bottom of this brutal crime.

But Hayes isn’t the only one haunting Hannah’s slowly fracturing mind. A previous case where she was the victim is destroying her. Can she find justice for Audrey before her world spirals out of control, or will she take the investigation down with her?

My Review

With thanks to the author for the copy received. I have read all of Rebecca Bradley’s books and her Hannah Robbins series is my favourite. I do recommend that you read the earlier books to understand the situation that Hannah is facing throughout this novel. 

The case that Hannah’s team is investigating is a brutal one and it was one that made me feel anxious and repulsed. I can’t understand why women would want any type of relationship with a convicted killer. Especially one like Wendell Hayes, who had no charisma at all. He seemed to have no remorse or genuine feelings, just quite happy to mock the detectives who were interviewing him. Especially Hannah who has arrested him years earlier.

But I felt that the investigation wasn’t the main part of the story, instead it was Hannah’s increasing dependence on the painkillers and her being unable to talk to anybody about what she was going through. I really wanted her to be able to talk to Aaron and with his character I can imagine that she unintentionally caused a lot of hurt. It was quite difficult to read at times and I did find it easier to read Aaron’s point of view.

I hope that this series will continue and we can see a positive outcome to her storyline. 

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