Once Upon A Time There Was A Man by Peter Scholes – Review.

About The Book

Private investigating should be an exciting, interesting career, but for Paul Brunskill it was pretty mundane work. When a letter arrived seeking his expertise to help find a man it looked like more of the same. But this was no ordinary man.The job was to take him on a mission like none he had ever embarked on before…

My Review

This novel is totally different to any other that I have read before. It concerns a slightly disillusioned private investigator who takes on a life changing job that is different to the normal work that he does. Although many characters feature it is really only him and you meet everyone else through his diary where he reveals all of the conversations he has during his investigation. When he takes the job he thinks that it is a straightforward search for a man via his birth certificate but he is unprepared for how far it takes him and what he learns on his journey. And not just about Ernie and the people that he met but also himself and his own relationships, in particular with his mother. I loved seeing their relationship develop.

 Ernie had a busy life and a lot of impact on the ones he knew. The part of the story that had the biggest impact on me was the first one. I can’t really say why, because of spoilers, but this was the one that felt the most real. It was certainly the most heart wrenching. Another in particular made me smile and remember standing in a queue fascinated by the hatred shown by customs officials at JFK.

It isn’t often that I read a book with little idea of the synopsis but I did on this occasion and I’m so glad that I did. I’m not convinced that any could do this book justice. 

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