You And Me by Nicola Rayner – Review.

About The Book

This is not a love story…

Watching sunrises together should have been romantic.

But you were always inside with your wife, and I sat in your garden, in the shadows.

I thought you’d never know how I felt about you.

Until one night, I witnessed a terrible crime.

I wanted it to bring us closer together.

But now the secrets are tumbling out.

And they could tear everything apart…

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. Fran is a loner, known by the cruel nickname Freaky Fran when she was at school she is the type of person who finds the real world difficult to be in. She would to prefer to live in her little book world, surrounded by all her favourite characters. She doesn’t have many people she can talk to in the real world. Her mother is dead, her sister and niece estranged and has a sometime distant relationship with an old school friend. One who knows about her extremely concerning obsession with another old school friend Charles. This isn’t an obsession that takes place across social media platforms. This is one where she watches his home and place of work but when he starts to make contact, after the death of another from school  she starts to feel that she is happier with the image she has in her mind rather than the reality.

I liked Fran a lot and had a lot of sympathy for her. She definitely didn’t handle her predicament well, it would take a very strong person to admit they had seen a death whilst they were stalking somebody else. I wanted to know more about her sister and why they argued and I wanted her to be able to relax and start to realise who her friends were. 

This is a crime novel but it also concerns mental health and a few other medical conditions that it would be difficult to reveal without spoilers. There is a heart to the storyline that shows you never know what is behind certain actions. 

There were plenty of twists, none of which I saw coming but it did all work surprisingly well. It’s well written, a great storyline with some decidedly unpleasant characters and an interesting account of a job in a bookshop. I would definitely read more by this author. 

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