Gathering Dark by Candice Fox – Review.

About The Book

The gripping new thriller from the No. 1 bestselling author.

Blair Harbour’s life as Hollywood’s top paediatric surgeon was perfect, until the night she was jailed for a murder she says she didn’t commit. 

With ten years of freedom lost, her medical licence cancelled and her son being raised by foster parents, she’s ready to start again from scratch.

But when a former cellmate begs for help finding her missing daughter, Blair must risk it all to save a young life. Her only allies are a thief, a ganglord and the cop who put her away.

To do the right thing, Blair must mix with all the wrong people. 

Will it put her new-found freedom on the line

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. I have read a couple of books by Candice Fox before, Hades and Crimson Lake both of which were book one in a series. To my regret I have fallen behind with reading the others but after reading this book, which I suspect could be another series, I know I need to catch up. 

Unlike both of of those books this is set in LA and not in Australia. But there are similarities. There are some thoroughly unlikeable characters, mainly members of the police force and also some scenes that feature very dry humour. Especially when they featured Blair and Sneak.  

One of the reasons I enjoy reading books by Candice Fox so much is because you really get to know the characters. You see how their lives fell apart. Blair because she tried to help somebody, Sneak, an injury and Jessica for doing her job. Even the  terrifying Ada is given an excuse even though it isn’t proven. And you see some slightly strange methods of coping with their lives from both Blair and Jessica.

You wouldn’t expect an ex convict to be willing to talk to the police officer who put her in jail for murder and force her to be apart from her young son. And then for the police officer to become a friend of the son. But it happens, and it works quite well. It isn’t the easiest relationship between Blair and Jessica but the friendship between Jessica and Jamie is lovely to read. 

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