Possessed by Peter Laws – Review.

About The Book

When a blood-soaked man is discovered with the word Baal-Berith scored into his flesh, the bewildered police call on expert Professor Matt Hunter to assist. Before long, a gruesome discovery is made and Hunter is drawn into a frenzied murder investigation. With a fury of media interest in the case, and the emerging link to a documentary on demonic possession, Hunter is unable to escape a dark world of exorcism and violence . even when events spiral frighteningly out of control.

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. Possessed is the fourth book in the Matt Hunter series and the first that I have read. I had no issues about joining this series late apart from a need to know what happened to his mother and to know more about his wife Wren but I will read those earlier books, this was a book I really enjoyed. 

Matt was a character that I really liked. Funny, down to earth and the only one involved in the exorcism show who managed to keep a level head.  It’s something that I don’t know if I could achieve with the increasingly scary events that occurred. 

There is little that intimidates me more than religion being used as a way of control. The two who use it to their advantage in this novel are very convincing in the way they manipulate the situation for their own needs. At times they even convinced Matt that they were correct and he was the one who was placing others in danger. 

It’s quite gory, full of rage and religious fervour but most of all it is very entertaining. The media scrum, the TV crew who are only concerned about the show they are producing, the opening chapter that hooked me straight away and one scene that I appreciated more than any other was seeing the fear that Matt’s daughter showed.  I thought that this scene showed how easy it was to make somebody, especially if they are vulnerable, think that something sinister was happening to them.

I can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

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