Behind Her Back by Jane Lythell – Review.

About The Book

n a TV station run by men, how do the women make themselves heard?

Liz Lyon is a television producer at StoryWorld, the UK’s favourite morning show. Her job is stressful and demanding, but she is determined to show her teenage daughter that women can succeed

Then a new female colleague joins the station. In this predatory climate of toxic masculinity Liz and Lori should be helping each other. But when Lori starts secretly building her power base with the bosses, Liz is desperate to know what’s going on behind her back

My Review

With thanks to the author for the copy received. I hadn’t read the previous book in the series but it didn’t take me long to get to know all the characters. It is different to what I usually read but sometimes a change is good and I’m glad that I took a chance on this book. 

Daytime TV, or shows like the one featured are not something I usually pay any attention to. I’ve always felt they were ego driven, with competitive presenters who weren’t as friendly as they appeared on camera and were just a little fake. I hadn’t given a minutes thought to where somebody sitting on a sofa showed how important they were. Luckily much of the novel concerned Liz who worked behind the scenes and was fully aware of everybody’s ego and coped well with any brattish behaviour.

There were a few of Liz’s colleagues I didn’t warm too, maybe because I hadn’t read the earlier book or maybe because they were just unlikeable. I liked reading about what happened behind the scenes, how a programme came together and the things that went wrong. Especially with a presenter who wouldn’t do as they were told. I imagine that the author has seen a lot of bad behaviour in her previous career.

I loved her relationship with daughter Flo, it felt real and I could sense her loneliness and frustration at having to deal with teenage angst on her own. If there are future books in the series I would love to see more about the two of them.

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