Trophies by David Evans – Blog Tour Review.



About The Book

When DI Colin Strong interviews a suspect on suspicion of handling stolen goods he’s convinced he’s heard their voice before. Nearly 25 years ago the tape of Wearside Jack taunted West Yorkshire Police and his suspect fits the profile.
Then the body of a known burglar shows up and a mysterious metal case is discovered at the scene.
Strong turns to his close friend, journalist Bob Souter, and embarks on an awkward alliance to probe areas he is unable to explore.
As the murder suspects start to disappear Strong must discover just who the shadowy figure inciting fear and panic amongst those he encounters is.
Strong wants to bring a murderer to justice and Souter is hungry for a story.
Who will get to the truth first and can their friendship remain intact?

My Review

With thanks to the author for the copy received. Trophies is the first book in The Wakefield Series and much of it takes place in and around Yorkshire. It is fiction that has a slight connection with fact. Many people will be aware of the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe and how the hoax caller ‘Wearside Jack’ jeopardised the investigation. The book is mainly based on the investigation into the murder of a known felon. It is during this investigation that the possible connection to Wearside Jack is considered.
There are two main characters. Colin Strong, an inspector who is leading the investigation and Bob Souter a journalist who has recently returned to the area. They have been friends since school but their friendship is tested at times. Whilst I did like both characters my favourite was Kelly Stainmore, a detective who works closely with Strong. I liked her honesty, her approach to everyday policing and her opinion on other members of the team, especially their superior officer.
There are many people in the novel. All of the police team feature strongly which I always like. It is always good to see how each try to get a solution. I appreciated the humour and the consideration that Strong showed to the more junior members of the squad. But there is also room for the suspects, the victims and all of their families. Some were stronger than others, particularly Rosie and Montgomery’s father.
A good start to a new series which I imagine will appeal strongly to local readers.

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