The Dark Place by Stephanie Rogers – Blog Tour Review.

The Dark Place

About The Book

When you look at those you love, what do you see?

When Issy, young mother and beloved daughter, seemingly kills herself her family is devastated.

Believing she would never leave son Noah willingly, Jon and Mel determine to discover what really happened to Issy. As they and the rest of the family struggle to come to terms with tragedy, Jon and Mel start to realise Issy’s secrets come from a very dark place…

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. The Dark Place is one of the more original novels that I have read recently. It concerns the suicide of Issy, young Mum of Noah and daughter of Jon and Mel. She only appears in person in the first chapter where you read about her decision to end her life. You don’t find out the reasons why.
The rest of the novel is about Jon and Mel and their attempts to come to terms with the death of their only daughter and also their struggle to look after Noah full-time. Even though Mel has been his principal carer since he was born it is a lot harder for them now. You see both of their thoughts and their grieving process. Each chapter concerns one of them, apart from a couple that focus on other characters.
Each of them cope differently and not always considering what the other may be feeling. I have to admit, I did prefer Mel. At times Jon appeared more selfish and inconsiderate, even though he did try to protect Mel initially.
As the novel progressed the characters attitudes changed, again I still preferred Mel but my feelings towards Jon softened and I started to see his grieving process with different eyes. Whilst Mel found it easier to forgive and took the opportunity to create a life for herself, he was still trying to find out why Issy chose to die. And who he could blame. What is evident from both of them was the guilt feelings. That maybe they could have found out what was troubling her when she was still alive.
Obviously it is a very sad novel but I didn’t feel that the sadness took over the storyline. There was also room for forgiveness, acceptance of lives having to change and hope for the future.


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