Nowhere Else But Here by Rachel Cotton – Blog Tour Review.



About the Book

Rose has always played by the rules now it’s time to break them.

Life’s easier when you stay away from other people. Rose Valentine knows that. But some people are impossible to ignore. Take Theo Lockhart. He’s handsome, funny and beyond intriguing. He’s a mystery; one that Rose dreams of solving.

Then one night Theo turns up on Rose’s doorstep, desperate to hide out at her house. He’s keeping secrets, and Rose has a million questions. Not least why did he choose to run to her?

Letting him in is definitely not in the rulebook. But Theo makes Rose long to break the rules.

After a whirlwind week of brat-pack movies, midnight snacks and non-stop chat, where do Rose and Theo go from here?

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received. I was amazed when I read that the author of this debut novel is only seventeen years old. On the strength of it she will have a great future.
It is a tale of teenage love. Not only between boyfriend and girlfriend but also between siblings and best friends.
The teenagers in the novel have a more privileged life than most in some respects. These are teenagers who can afford cars and champagne dinners. But their private lives are not as glamorous. When one lives in fear and one who goes about her life mostly unnoticed by her parents and secondary to work it tells you that something is not quite right.
It is a light and slightly fluffy read that is probably more convincing than some I have read recently in the same genre because the author is the same age as her characters. The matters that could cause concern have no great detail and most of the story is about love, loyalty and understanding and the romantic side of me loved it.
Rachel Cotton is an author who I will look forward to reading again.

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