This Dark Place by Claire Kittridge – Blog Tour Review.

This Dark Place Cover

About the Book

Priscilla’s body lay motionless on the couch in front of her. They were blood sisters, but Avery never thought it would end like this – thrust against her will into this dark place.
When the brutal death of a young American theater student in London is splashed across headlines worldwide, NYPD Detective Kelly Moore flies across the Atlantic to join a crack team of British investigators on the case.
Together with the London Metropolitan Police, Kelly must track down a twisted killer who seems to know her every move. As the body count rises, and panic spreads, the killer threatens to make Kelly the next victim.
In a heart-racing game of cat and mouse, Kelly must outwit this elusive master of surveillance – who might be the last person she suspects.
From debut author, Claire Kittridge, comes this page-turning, unputdownable thriller. This Dark Place is the first novel in the Detective Kelly Moore series, introducing a tough streetwise cop who will go to any lengths to catch a killer.

My Review

With thanks to the author for the copy received. This Dark Place is the first book in a new series. Kelly Moore is a New York based cop who is working in London, helping to solve the murder of a wealthy young college student. She knew the father of the student and is there at his request.
The novel demonstrates the different ways that the police work between the UK and USA, to Kelly one of the more obvious signs is that police in the UK don’t carry guns.
The method of murder in this novel is something that features in my worst nightmares. They are something that I saw in a film years ago and it is something that terrified me. I don’t remember reading about it in fiction before so it had an impact. It did not stop me though from enjoying this book.
I liked the tentative friendships that were being developed, especially between Kelly and Joshi and I am interested in seeing if these develop in future novels. And to see if Kelly will be based in London or back home in New York.
An accomplished debut.

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