The Bucktown Babies by Janine R Pestel – Blog Tour Review.


About the Book

A former priest and demon hunter, Father Gunter is a demon’s worst nightmare. But even he will need help to destroy the demons that threaten the small farming community of Bucktown. When he sees a news broadcast about tragic events taking place in the town, he realizes he has work to do.

Along the way, help arrives – but from an unexpected source. Will it be enough to see the demon hunter through the final showdown with evil?

My Review

With thanks to the author for the copy received.
The Bucktown Babies is a short novel that introduces the reader to Johann Gunter a former priest who is now a demon hunter. The reasons why he has chosen his career is made evident in the novel. There are similarites between the novel and the series that has been shown on TV, Supernatural. It is a novel that would probably appeal to a YA audience.
When Johann hears about the events that are occuring in Bucktown he is concerned and wants to find out what is really happening there. He also hopes that he finds some answers to the events in his own life. At times he didn’t seem like a former priest, some of the phrases he used were ones that I didn’t expect a priest to use. But I liked the description of the demons, although I have read similar in the past I have never read about the odour that they have and at times I felt like I could hear them. I also liked the description of a small farming community that didnt really believe in anything out of the ordinary.
It appears that this is the first book in a series and there will be opportunity for the recurring characters to develop. There are a few that I would be happy to see again.

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