A Litany of Good Intentions by Andrew Harris – Review.


About the Book

An end to world poverty is more than just a dream for young Chinese philanthropist Jock Lim. Through his charity connections, Jock has discovered a way to release 2.6 billion people from the imminent threat of death and disease.
Unpublished work by Albert Einstein helped unlock the scientific breakthrough that will
remove the constraints of Third World living conditions and create a new age of global
But not everyone will prosper.
Dr Hannah Siekierkowski is a guest speaker at a conference in Sweden where Einstein’s legacy and a strategic alliance with Rotary will light up the world. As the clock ticks down to the announcement, Hannah is drawn into a web of corporate greed, racial prejudice and a seething hatred of the new world order.
A hatred that someone is prepared to kill for.

My Review

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received.

A Litany of Good Intentions is a slightly different novel for me, whilst there are crimes committed they are not just of the murderous kind. Instead the focus is on the crimes against humanity, from some who have the wealth and power towards those who have nothing.
Much of the novel takes place in India and even though it was difficult to read it was the part that interested me the most. I had been told years ago of the contrast between the rich and the poor by a family member who had to go on a business trip and was appalled. Reading this novel and remembering his account left me feeling sickened.
Nothing is restrained or made to sound anything different to how it must be. The reader can visualise the extreme conditions that some people live in. And you could also see that there were people who were prepared to suffer hardship themselves whilst trying to improve the life of others.
There were many characters in the novel, at times I had to read back to remind myself who they were. In part two, the novel goes back to various periods and countries in the 1900s. At first I wasn’t sure why, but it is explained later in the book.
It is very well written and even though it was part two in a trilogy I had no issues with not reading part one. It is strange to read a fictional novel that contains so much fact. At times it felt like a documentary but there is enough fiction to keep the storyline going. There are many strong characters and I hope that some of them will appear in the final book.

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