Whiteout by Ragnar Jónasson – Blog Tour Review.


About the Book

Two days before Christmas, a young woman is found dead beneath the cliffs of the deserted village of Kálfshamarvík. Did she jump, or did something more sinister take place beneath the lighthouse and the abandoned old house on the remote rocky outcrop? With winter closing in and the snow falling relentlessly, Ari Thór Arason discovers that the victim’s mother and young sister also lost their lives in this same spot, twenty-five years earlier…

My Review

Whiteout is book four in the series that features Ari Thór. When the books were translated into English, book one was published first followed by book five. So this book neatly finishes the series and fills in all the gaps regarding Ari Thór, Kristen and Tómas’s personal lives. I can also reread the five books in order at my leisure.

It takes place at Christmas time after an eerie prologue that sent the hairs up on the back of my neck. Ari Thór is asked to accompany Tómas on a trip to a remote area to investigate a suspicious death. Because Kristen is heavily pregnant he convinces her to go with them. She agrees because she want to do some investigating herself, concerning her family’s history.

The personal stories in the series have always been strong and I  enjoyed seeing Tómas again. It was also the first time that I warmed to Kristen. The differences between her and Ari Thór are still evident but for once I had sympathy for her. His refusal ( or reluctance) to discuss his past was upsetting for her, whilst she was determined to find out about her own family history.

It was fascinating reading about Iceland and its customs. The celebration of Christmas was magical, despite some of the slightly strange delicacies that were eaten. Some of the traditions were humbling when you live in a society that is often dubious.

The book put me in mind of an Agatha Christie novel. There were only a few characters. All had different personalities and had known each other for years. They all had their secrets, desires, fears and disappointments. One of these characters I liked a lot and I was cringing at times, hoping it wasn’t them who was a murderer. The area in which it takes place sounded beautiful but intimidating. I couldn’t imagine it feeling welcoming even if there wasn’t the bad weather.

I truly hope that there are more books to come in this series, it is one that I will miss if it has finished. There is still plenty of room on my shelf for limited edition signed copies.



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