Bad Sister by Sam Carrington – Blog Tour Review.


About the Book

Stephanie is scared for her life. Her psychologist, Connie Summers, wants to help her face her fears, but Connie will never really understand her. Stephanie’s past has been wiped away for her own protection. Stephanie isn’t even her real name. But then, Dr Summers isn’t Connie’s real name either.
And that’s not all the women have in common. As Stephanie opens up about her troubled relationship with her brother, Connie is forced to confront her own dark family secrets.
When a mutilated body is dumped in plain sight, it will have devastating consequences for both women.
Who is the victim?
Who is to blame?
Who is next?

My Review

Bad Sister is the first book that I have read by Sam Carrington. That will be remedied next year in my plan to catch up on books that I have fallen behind on. I can’t work out if is a series but at least one of the characters appeared in the earlier book.

In this novel, after a very creepy prologue, there are mainly two narrators. Connie, who has recently started her own business as a psychologist after taking the rap for a bad decision in her previous employment at the prison.  Connie has changed her surname as a way of distancing herself from the past. DI Lindsay Wade, the returning character,  has also been held accountable for her decisions in the past. Both women are determined to move on and prove that they are fit to do their job. There is also a unamed narrator. These chapters are headed ‘then’ and are connected to Connie’s client Stephanie. The unnamed character is only young, frightened and increasingly bitter.

Connie is making headway with Stephanie. She is living under witness protection but feels that this has been compromised. With Connie’s identity also revealed after a local incident she wants to see another psychologist. But before this can be arranged, tragedy occurs. I hadn’t expected this at all and did find it a little upsetting. Lindsay is determined that this time the investigation won’t go wrong and enlists Connie’s help. But Connie is in danger, from events in her own past.

Even though the tragedy did upset me I enjoyed this book. Both Connie and Lindsay were shown to be normal women who were not without fault. They built up a strong friendship despite the investigation and I hope that this is sign that this will be a series. There was a bad feeling between Connie and Mack, Lindsay’s partner in the police that was explained during the novel, again this was something I would like to see fully resolved. I enjoyed reading an investigation from a different view-point to a police officer.I haven’t read many that are similar.

The ending was unusual, part of me felt warm when Connie realised who could keep her safe but there was also a moment in the epilogue that sent me cold again. A sign that there was more happening than I realised when I was reading.

With thanks to the publisher for the copy received.



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