My Publication Day – Amanda Reynolds.

Today, I would like to welcome you to my blog to read about Amanda Reynold’s publication day and what it means to her. Her book Close To Me will be published in paperback on the 27th July.


How will you spend the day?

On publication day, I will be busy getting ready for an event that evening at my local Waterstones, in Cheltenham. I’m quite nervous about it, as it’s also a reading and book signing. Everyone has told me to relax and enjoy it, and I’m sure I will.

Will you be following reviews from early readers or do prefer not to know?

Fortunately, as Close To Me has been out as an eBook for three months prior to paperback publication, it already has lots of reviews and they have been overwhelmingly positive. I do check my reviews every now and then, although less frequently now as I’m settling in to the whole idea of being published.

Is it emotional, getting the novel you have worked on for months into the public eye?
It is emotional sharing my novel, particularly as it’s my debut, but it’s also such a privilege to be published that I’m determined to enjoy every bit of it as much as I
possibly can.

I often wonder and imagine that when your novel is published and you have been working on at least one novel since, is the book that is published less important? And is it a distraction, welcome or otherwise having to focus on what is for you old material?

That is one of the big differences when you’re working with a publisher, always having your head in more than book, but I like that diversity. It’s also great to get out and meet people and talk to other writers and readers. Close To Me will always be special to me, so I don’t mind at all going back to Jo and Rob’s world, although I do sometimes need to refresh my memory as I become so involved in my new characters whilst I’m writing.

Do blog tours make you more nervous or do you see them as beneficial?

There was a wonderful Blog Tour for the eBook publication of Close To Me, which was entirely beneficial as each day there was a new post: an extract, review, or Q&A. I missed it when the tour finished. The blogging community have been wonderfully supportive to me and Close To Me. I wrote about it on my author site as I’m constantly in awe of all the hard work that goes into book blogging.

What is your publication day treat?

My publication day treat is to get my nails done. I go to a fantastic salon where I live in Cheltenham and they give you a glass of fizz whilst they pamper you.


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