A Slice of CJ Carver part three

Today, I am delighted to welcome CJ Carver back to my blog
to talk about the background to her latest novel Spare Me The Truth. Just thinking about this terrifies me.


Technology used against the general public

To demonstrate in my book how a subtle type of weapon could work against the general public – without them being aware – I used a rock concert. Again, I’m using what frightens me. I hate the thought of being coerced without being aware of it even though this happens every day with advertising.

Human beings love conspiracy theories because it makes us think we’re in control. I think people believed Princess Diana was murdered because they couldn’t bear the thought she died in a car accident – something that could happen to them tomorrow. It’s far more comfortable to believe there’s a conspiracy than face reality.

Technological advances are galloping ahead at a great rate. Look at the Russian billionaire who wants to live forever by uploading his brain to a computer, and his body to a hologram. Unfortunately although he hopes he’ll transplant his human consciousness into a robot body the brain experts doubt his memories will be transferrable. Without his memories, what does he have left? What makes a person a person?

What piece of technology could you not live without?

I’ve just had a mental flip through everything I have from my mobile phone to my computer and food-processor, fridge-freezer, all of which (if pushed) I could live without. But this is ancient technology! I guess it would have to be my mobile phone or I would go mad without talking to friends, and also my car. But if those went, then I’d get a horse and a pigeon.

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