After You Die by Eva Dolan.

imageAfter You Die is the third book in the Zigic and Ferreira series and is one that I have been waiting impatiently to read since the cliff hanger ending in book two. It was well worth waiting for!
Unlike the first two books, which involved hate crimes against those from a different country this was about hate crime aimed at a disabled blogger. Holly was paralysed in an accident a few years previously. Her accident caused her parents marriage to breakdown, her mother was active on dating websites and she had very little contact with her father who blamed himself. When Dawn is murdered, Holly is left to die from natural causes in her bedroom.
Ferreira has just returned to work after a bad injuries she suffered while on active duty. She is still affected by them, both mentally and physically but is determined to prove that she can cope despite concerns from her colleagues. Zigic is fighting to keep the case in the hate crimes department and is angered by restrictions placed on him when a potential witness needs to be interviewed. Nathan was an enigma, I kept on reading just a little bit more to find out what his past was and why Zigic was having to hold back.
A lot of people have views on the right to die issue. The topic was handled very well in the novel. I imagine that the abuse that Holly received via her blog was pretty accurate. She was a great character, one of the nicest and definitely one of the bravest people in the book. She had a big impact on Ferreira who was desperate to get answers into the killings.
Quite sad at times, especially the storylines with the younger people who feature. It was harder to feel any sympathy or warmth towards any of the other characters. The crime itself was very cold and calculating. Probably one of the most calculating that I have read for a while.
The Zigic and Ferreira detective series is one of my favourites. I’ve enjoyed each book, you get to know the main characters a little more in each one but their personal lives don’t impact the main story. If you haven’t read them I would recommend reading in order.

With thanks to the publisher and the author for the copy received.

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