The Blissfully Dead

imageI was never a teenager who became obsessed with a band, pop star or actor but have heard about those who do in the media. From what I picked up from that source over the years The Blissfully Dead is chillingly accurate.
Teenage girls who worship a boy band are being tortured and murdered. Lennon and his team at desperate to find the killer before more die. They have to find a connection between thousands of forum and social media posts to try and find a link. And then the killing gets much closer.
I like the group of detectives who feature in this series with the exception of one, Winkler. He is just as obnoxious and infuriating as he was in From the Cradle. The only difference was that I could laugh at him as well as snarl. There wasn’t as much focus on Lennon’s private life which I was slightly disappointed in. I hope that we find out more in future books, as well as more about Carmella and Suzanne.
The band and all the people associated with them were believable, some of the fans not so but I did enjoy reading about their antics. I really enjoyed the parts that’s involved Kai, he was very entertaining.
I am looking forward to reading more in this series, I have read both books in the last couple of weeks and enjoyed them very much.
With thanks to Marks Edwards and Louise Voss for the copy received via netgalley.

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