The Betrayal

imageThe Betrayal by Laura Elliot features a normal family in Ireland. Nadine and Jake were forced into a teenage marriage by pregnancy, had four children and run their own business. The children are now all adults and are following their individual dreams. The business has been badly hit by the recession and Nadine is getting cold feet about its future and their marriage.
When she drops Jake off at the airport she sees a face from the past, one that she wishes she would never see again. Karin used to be her best friend when they were at school but something happened on a holiday that destroyed their friendship and Nadine’s life was left in tatters.
Karin is a dangerous person and not at all likeable. Nadine wasn’t the only one who suffered through her actions, both in the flashbacks and in life now. She was very manipulative and would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. There were quite a few times throughout the tale that I felt on edge, not knowing what she would do next. The tension that all the characters, especially Jake felt was very convincing. I did guess at how it would end but didn’t see the full reasons why and one part I got completely wrong.
This is the third novel I have read by this author and my favourite one so far. I found it to be a novel that was very easy to read, very addictive and I loved the way that Ireland and Alaska were described. A great read, especially for a holiday. It is one that you could quite easily read in one sitting.
With thanks to the publisher for the copy received for review.

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