imageWhen you don’t like being under water, not at your most comfortable in the dark and really don’t like enclosed spaces Tenacity was always to be a read that was a little bit uncomfortable.
Dan has to investigate a suicide/murder and due to circumstances has to do so from the submarine called Tenacity. She isn’t happy with her surroundings, problems she has had previously are affecting her judgement and she is receiving horrendous treatment from some of the naval crew.
She definitely has her faults and you could understand the frustration felt by her those closest to her. Very obstinate, she prefers to do things her way which doesn’t always go according to plan. The constant abuse both mental and physical that she has to put up with is awful and there were times when I could quite happily have ‘poked somebody in the eye.’
Parts of the novel I found quite difficult to read, one scene in particular stayed with me for quite a while. I understand that this book could be the first in a series and I am looking to forward to getting to know more about Dan and her team in future novels.
With thanks to the publisher for the copy via netgalley.

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