Little Black Lies

imageOne of the reasons I love Sharon Bolton’s writing is the way she can describe an area so well. What little I knew about the Falklands was about the war, I knew nothing about the island, its inhabitants or its wildlife and I loved learning about it.
Little Black Lies takes place in 1994, twelve years after the war and three years after the death of Catrin’s two sons. When a young boy, a visitor to the island goes missing the islanders join in the search for him.
The novel is split into three parts and each one is narrated by one of the main characters. Catrin, Callum and Rachel. Initially I struggled to warm to Catrin but as I got further into the book I understood her more. Parts of the novel are harrowing, Callum’s flashbacks are very convincing but other parts of the novel were amusing, I loved Rachel’s chats with her horse!
I was surprised by the ending it was one I really wasn’t prepared for.
There was one minor character that I would like to make a crossover into the novels featuring Lacey Flint. I think that would make interesting reading.
A fantastic stand alone novel from one of my favourite authors.
Thanks to the publisher and the author for the copy via netgalley

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