Disclaimer by Renée Knight

imageI was surprised how gripping Disclaimer was. I had seen mixed comments about it so didn’t really know what to expect when I finally got the chance to read it.
I found it to be a novel that I always wanted to read a little bit more of, when each chapter focuses on a different character I always need to know what is coming next.
My feelings towards the characters changed constantly. I did struggle to warm to Catherine for much of the novel but there was a turning point. It was the same with Steven although I did have a little more sympathy for him.
I don’t usually reread books but this is one I could well do in the future. During this last week I attended the author’s book event at my local bookshop. At the start of the talk she read from the opening chapter and knowing how the story progresses the words felt so much more ominous.
I now have a signed copy but I read it initially via netgalley so thanks to the author and the publisher for the opportunity.

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