The Crime at Black Dudley

imageThis is the first book I have read by Margery Allingham and is the book where her character Albert Campion was introduced.
At times I thought that the writing was a little stilted and I didn’t care for the romantic storyline very much.
Originally written 85 years ago I felt that I was being told if you were ‘a foreigner’ you were not to be trusted but I expect that this was the feeling at this period in time. Women were definitely regarded as the weaker sex and had to be protected.
I did enjoy the storyline, I thought the description of the mansion with all its hidden passages came across very well.
I would be interested in reading more of the Albert Campion series, I like to see how characters develop and also would like to see if characters who feature in this novel do in the others.

Thanks to Dead Good Books for the copy received

2 Replies to “The Crime at Black Dudley”

    1. Yes I believe so, so many of the reviews say the same. But it was an introduction, I had only previously read Agatha Christie from this time.


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