Acts of the Assassins by Richard Beard


It was a complete coincidence that I chose to read this very strange novel over the Easter weekend. I knew from the blurb that it was about a cult leader and his followers but had no idea who they were. I thought it was extremely clever, at times humorous but not the easiest to read.
I did feel dubious with what type of novel I might be reading with the chapter headings. I expected it to be quite graphic but with the exception of a couple the details were minimal.
It stretches the imagination, has you thinking what affect religion and belief has in our world when events from the Bible are brought into modern day.
This is the second in a very loose trilogy, I haven’t read the first book, Lazarus is Dead, but didn’t feel this had any negative reading of the book.

Thanks to the publisher for the copy sent for review.

2 Replies to “Acts of the Assassins by Richard Beard”

  1. I’m curious about this one. I have to admit, I’ve got a ‘thing’ for retellings of the Bible and cult movements – perhaps my Ph.D. thesis background showing through…


  2. You might like it then Marina. I get a bit obsessed about facts, and tried to find if the main characters were people from the bible. It’s definitely different.


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